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Speaking engagement #4


Let's take a quick look at the most prominent presentation tool used today: Power Point.

More exactly, let's look at 5 specific ways to make your Power Point deck (of slides) truly complement your presentation. Rather than distract from it.

One point per slide. Clarify and specify at a time.

Visual is better than text. Your slides should illustrate what you say. Not be required reading.

lllustrate your point. Use graphic images to support your content. Support as in underscore or emphasize. Don't have Power Point restate what you speak.

Fewer is better. It's always true that fewer slides are better. If you think of Power Point as "pictures" remember how many words each one is worth.

Appreciate space. Clean slides with lots of space are great. These are easier to accomplish if you don't crowd a slide with words, words, words.


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