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Speakers should be authors, too

Speakers who are authors can practice their speaking and leadership skills at a new Toastmasters club
Speakers who are authors can practice their speaking and leadership skills at a new Toastmasters club
Photo: Alexander Potapov, Design: Carma Spence

When you are the author of a book, people see you as having more credibility. Speakers who are authors often get more gigs … and have an automatic draw to the back of the room. If you are a speaker with a book under your belt (or one well on the way), you might be interested in a new Toastmasters club launching in Long Beach just for you: Entrepreneurial Authors’ Club.

"Entrepreneurial Authors’ Club gives local writers and authors the opportunity to build speaking and leadership skills in a safe environment with like-minded entrepreneurs," said Carma Spence, Area E2 Governor for Toastmasters District One, and the driving force behind the club. "It also gives speakers who are authors the opportunity to practice talking about their book and receive feedback on how effective they are at communicating their message."

One of the things that will make Entrepreneurial Authors’ Club unique is the segment of the meeting dedicated to helping members hone their introductory, 30-second 'elevator speech.' At each meeting, members will put their name in a bowl and two to three names will be drawn to present their pitch. Because no will know if they will be chosen or not, members will be able to practice their off-the-cuff skills. "They will also receive constructive feedback on whether what they are saying is effective or not," said Spence.

The club will launch on Tuesday, Feb. 11, and meet every second and fourth Tuesday after that. The meetings will take place in the meeting room at Rebel Bite in downtown Long Beach. "Not only do they have an excellent meeting space," said Spence, "their food is both delicious and reasonably priced." Members and guests are encouraged to arrive early to have something to eat. Rebel Bite's menu includes a variety of spicy fusion dishes from gourmet pizza to spare ribs to pasta to "sammiches."


Entrepreneurial Authors’ Club
A Toastmasters club specifically for writers and authors who want to build a business around their book

Rebel Bite
649 E Broadway,
Long Beach, CA 90802

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
7pm to 8pm
Please arrive early and grab something to eat from Rebel Bite's "fusion revolution" menu

For more information and to RSVP, visit

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