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Speaker Boehner refuses to legislate as long as Obama is President

Speaker Boehner during news conference on immigration
Speaker Boehner during news conference on immigration
J.Scott Applewhite / AP

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) reneged Thursday on his commitment to pass an immigration bill citing distrust for the president as the reason. He stated that many of his colleagues in the House have lost confidence in the president’s willingness to enforce the laws passed by Congress.

Boehner’s comments came just two days following a statement by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in which he stated that the Senate is committed in doing comprehensive reform of the immigration laws and the House is committed to taking a piece meal approach.

Neither McConnell nor Boehner see a way that a bill can be passed before the mid-tern election in November despite the fact that the Republican leadership feels that in order to attract Hispanic voters, passing an immigration bill in this session of Congress was a must.

Taking into consideration that the Boehner led House of Representatives is the least productive of any legislative body in the history of the country, using the president’s unilateral decision to delay certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act is a weak excuse. Boehner's failure in acknowledging that he allowed over 40 votes to repeal the law makes his claim of not enforcing the laws seem ridiculous at best. The Obama Administration has deported more undocumented foreigners than any administration in history.

Nancy Pelosi responded to Boehner’s statement:

"When [Republicans] say ... they don't trust the president to do it, why don't we just pack up and go home?" she said. "We have a democratic system. We have checks and balances. We have three branches of government. In fact, we're the first in the Constitution -- the legislative branch. And what we're supposed to do is legislate, and not make up excuses as to why we don't."

"That's not a reason not to do an immigration bill, that's an excuse not to do it," she added. "And around here, you have to always differentiate between what is a reason and what is an excuse."

Boehner also stated in his comments today that he doesn't see the mood in Congress changing until there is a change in the presidency. This logic no doubt is counting on the Tea Party element of the Republican Party being re-elected in their gerrymandered districts in November and thus keeping the gavel of the House in the hands of a republican lawmaker. What he failed to account for is the millions of people of his own party that have become disgruntled by his unwillingness to bring meaningful legislation before the House that would help members of his own party.

Since the current president have nearly 3 years left in his tenure as president, we can only conclude that the current Speaker of the House have no intention of doing anything that would help this country and thus help this president. Blaming the president for his unwillingness to do his job is a tactic that has gotten old and no longer resonates with the American people. But keeping control of the House and hopefully winning control of the senate trumps the will of the people every time Boehner opens his mouth.

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