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Speaker Boehner finally gives in to the Benghazi frenzy

Hillary Clinton testifies before the House committee on Benghazi
Hillary Clinton testifies before the House committee on Benghazi
Photo courtesy of Think Progress. Used by permission.

House Speaker John Boehner announced Friday that he will hold a vote in the House in an attempt to assemble a special select committee to investigate just what happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. On the same day that Boehner (R-Ohio) made his announcement, Chairman Darrell Issa subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry to testify before his committee on May 21, 2014. Both Boehner and Issa (R-Calif) are acting under the assumption that the Obama administration misled the American people and covered up certain details about the deadly attack.

Issa did not bother to contact the State Dept. to find out if Kerry would be available on the date he is expected to appear before the committee despite the busy schedule the Secretary of State has endures since taking over the position following the resignation of Hillary Clinton. The State Dept. released a statement that Kerry has plans to be in Mexico on May 21.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) who is a ranking member of the House Oversight Committee blasted the Chairman for the manner in which he issued the subpoena. Cummings said in a statement:

"Chairman Issa did not first send a letter making his request, he did not call to determine if the Secretary would be in the country, and he did not hold a Committee vote on his subpoena."

Even though the House has to vote in order to assemble the investigative committee, it's a foregone conclusion that the House will approve the request. Speaker Boehner said in a statement:

"This dismissiveness and evasion requires us to elevate the investigation to a new level. I intend for this select committee to have robust authority, and I will expect it to work quickly to get answers for the American people and the families of the victims."

It is worth noting that Secretary Kerry was not part of the Obama administration when the attack occurred, but according to Cummings, it looks as if he's committed some crime by dragging him before the committee. The Benghazi frenzy has taken on a life of its own and is destined to continue into the 2016 election.

With Obamacare loosing the divisive stigma that it had in propelling the Republican Party into power in 2010, Benghazi seems to be the gift to the Republicans that keeps on giving. This strategy will either help the party or destroy it. By continuing to put all their eggs into that one basket they have ignored any meaningful legislation that the American people would be obliged to have enacted.

The 113th Congress is on pace to break their own record set in the 112th Congress as being the least productive Congress in history. To quote Speaker Boehner, "Don't judge us by how many bills we pass, judge us by how many bills we repeal." Not that anyone is keeping score but the total repealed bills is zero.

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