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Speak 25 languages with Translate Your World, interview with Sue Reager

I had a conversation recently with a business associate of mine and her partner who invented a breakthrough software that I am convinced will generate new opportunities for business owners, especially minorities and women. The software creates a more affordable way to extend their reach overseas and increase their earnings. Language will no longer be a barrier.

First a little background, then the substance:

The world knows that we are all moving to mobile devices for business. Yet how will the world conduct serious business on those dinky, oddly-angled devices? Will they type with keyboards or flick with their thumbs? The answer is - neither. They will speak to their devices instead of finger-typing, and their speech turns into text.

Speech technology achieved great strides with Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking ( and Microsoft Speech (included in WindowsOS). And today the speech industry has expanded to include the new voice translation technology, Translate Your World (, a suite of online software that is the combined effort of several developers pooling their technologies under one umbrella.

Translate Your World’s most recent release, TYWI-Live (“tie-wee”), automatically translates spoken dialog in real-time into 78 languages as subtitles or as synthesized voice, similar to Apple’s Siri. With TYWI, users talk across-language on Skype, WebEx, Blackboard, Adobe Connect or any web application. And there is an online simultaneous interpretation component for human interpreters located anywhere in the world. As anensemble, TYWI creates a personal United-Nations-style “interpreter in a laptop”.

The women at the helm of Translate Your World, CEO Andrea Busse, an industry expert in mobile technology development, and president Sue Reager, who speaks 10 languages and develops linguistic software, created the TranslateYour World software to encourage companies to expand their businesses globally.

I watched as the results of this software turned a conference and webinar into multiple languages, live in real-time as the presenter spoke, as I flipped from one language to another to read subtitles, then listened to amazingly beautiful synthesized voices in my ear.

Sue Reager, who is also a columnist for Speech Technology Magazine and whose inventions are licensed by Cisco Systems, Intel, United Parcel Service, and other powerhouses, shared her vision of the impact that the TYWI group could have worldwide. “The result of so many developers adding their capabilities into one package is a new approach to delivery and offers advantages to many industries. Business people can talk across languages for pennies. One person in a corporation or university can teach in many languages, slashing global education costs up to 95%. Tradeshow presenters can demo products while translations flow behind them on wall monitors, astonishing passers-by. Conferences and business meetings are automatically translated and captioned for the hearing impaired.” She winked at me and said, “And I would like to see you, Ken Watts, using the software to interview people around the world. And hear sports announcers sharing with international audiences over the internet.”

As a reporter, I frequently receive invitations to attend “global webinars”. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that “global” really meant “English only inviting other countries” or French only, or German only. That approach includes 8% of the world’s population. With today’s new software, 78% of the world’s population is covered, thus another potential 2.5 billion potential customers, listeners, attendees, and participants.

Sue Reager was one of the first to take advantage of the new global potential. “I took my first company global in 3 days," she said. "Now our goal is to help others do the same by removing language as a barrier. Therefore, on one hand our software is a magic wand that creates savings for global corporations and institutions, while on the other hand opening a new door to international business for small firms, entrepreneurs, and minority- and women-owned businesses. These groups are often quite successful overseas, partly because the internet is sexless andcolorblind, and partly because many cultures prefer the ‘soft sell’ approach that many of these companies use. It certainly worked to our advantage when we went global. Hard to be beat 3 days.”

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