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Spartanburg neighborhood fights back against violent crime by injuring robbers

Letosham Bobo(wanted), Nicholas Tavoris Bobo, Dominick Antonio Thompson
Letosham Bobo(wanted), Nicholas Tavoris Bobo, Dominick Antonio Thompson
Spartanburg County Detention Center

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright is praising a couple or upstate women who shot down two out of three men who attempted to rob them at an upstate home, WYFF4 reported February 5.

According to an incident report, two women went to a Spartanburg ATM Wednesday morning, unaware they were being followed by three men.

When they returned to a home on Draymont Avenue, two men carrying guns and wearing masks demanded money. One lady was kept in the vehicle with a suspect, while the other suspect led the other victim to the front door of the home. T

he lady told the robber that she needed to go inside and disarm her security system. As soon as she entered her home she heard gunshots. The victim in the car had been shot.

The sound of gunfire caused the robber at the door to run off too, and it was at this time the victim still standing decided to turn the tables on the criminals. She pulled out a gun and shot at both men, hitting two of them.

One of those hit ran to another home in the neighborhood, where he was beaten with the barrel of his own shotgun after charging at that neighbor.

Nicholas Tavoris Bobo has been charged with robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder. Dominick Antonio Thompson has been charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime, armed robbery, kidnapping, attempted murder and robbery. A third man, Letosham Bobo, is still at large Tuesday night.

Sheriff Wright said in an interview with WYFF4

"She got two out of three of them with a 9mm, and then reloaded and was wanting some more. I'm going to ask her if she wants a job, apparently she knows how to shoot real well."

Sheriff Wright is known for his pro-gun beliefs, where a few years ago he recommended women under his jurisdiction get a concealed weapon permit (CWP). Wright has always been high-profile in women learning to defend themselves from just this type of attack.

Ladies, well done. Perhaps with the recent trend of homeowner's shooting back, criminals will think twice about what's waiting for them on the other side of the door.

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