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Spartanburg Animal Services rescues sweet kitty trapped in engine area of truck

Cat rescued by Spartanburg Animal Services after becoming trapped under the hood
Facebook: Spartanburg Animal Services

A cat in Spartanburg County was rescued by animal control on January 30, Fox Carolina reported.

Little Houdini, as he's been named by the Spartanburg Animal Services team who rescued him, was stuck under the hood of a truck.

A Jonesville man was in town and called Animal Services when he thought he heard something inside his truck. The truck was taken to the city's maintenance garage, where the scared little kitty was found lodged in the engine area. It took an hour to get the cat out of the tight spot it had gotten itself into.

Major Steve Lamb told Fox Carolina the cat belonged to the truck owner's neighbor, and is uninjured after its ordeal. Houdini was taken to the shelter on Friday, and returned to his home later that day.

The Spartanburg Animal Services team posted the rescue on their Facebook page.

This article should serve as a reminder to always check under the hood before starting your vehicle, especially on cold mornings.

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