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"Sparks" premier shockingly great

Bolder than Kick-Ass, smarter than The Watchmen, it's a graphic novel, it's a film, it's a hit; I'm talking about Sparks, a new superhero movie by writer\director Christopher Folino, which premiered at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Friday March 21, in Ashburn, VA.

The poster for the film "Sparks"
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"Sparks" premier was a success
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Based on Folino's graphic novel, the movie follows the adventures of one Ian Sparks, a 40s-era costumed hero who discovers "the dark side of heroism". It stars Chase Williamson as Sparks, Ashley Bell as love interest Lady Heavenly, Jake Busey as rival hero Sledge and Bill Katt (star of the classic TV series, The Greatest American Hero, and the film's executive producer) as villian Matanza. It's a superhero noir-thriller du jour.

Listen to my interview with Folino, Daniel Ross (who plays a news reporter), and Bill Katt (who owns Catastrophic Comics, the company that produced the graphic novel) at Inside Acting (approximately 70 minutes in).

You can watch Sparks at You can buy a copy of Sparks at Walmart. Follow the movie on Facebook here.

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