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Sparks are flying---the return of Janet from another planet

Mommy's home---Janet returns to AMC
Mommy's home---Janet returns to AMC

When Amanda Martin (Chrishell Stause) discovered that someone who called him/herself "Amanda Fan" was stalking her, there could be little doubt as to who that crazy person could be. And, this week Amanda Fan revealed herself to be none other than Amanda's very crazy mother, Janet (from another planet) Dillon (Kate Collins). From the first scene, where Janet cornered police officer Natalia Fowler (Shannon Kane), the sparks were flying. Obsessed with re-connecting with her daughter and grandson, Janet tied Natalia up and threw her into the closet, laying in wait for Amanda to come home.

The subsequent scenes that have run in the May 3rd and 4th shows remind us of the range of Kate Collins' acting abilities. Her wild eyed craziness as she ranted to Amanda about taking little Trevor and running away to Milan where Amanda could become a true super star under Mom's guidance brought back the days when Janet wreaked havoc on Pine Valley. Watching Chrishell Stause in these scenes was equally interesting. At first Amanda cowered from her mother because of the shock of seeing her out of the institution for the criminally insane. When Amanda prodded good old Mom as to how she escaped, Janet explained that she had become computer savvy and simply worked a little magic to bypass security that kept her in check.

As Amanda came out of her shocked state, she tried to regain a measure of control over her mother and took on a calmer demeanor. It's great to see Stause gaining strength as an actress, and the chemistry between Collins and Stause is especially good. Amanda did not become hysterical, even when Janet pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin) when he arrived home. She spoke to her mother in measured tones and fought to stay calm. With her son in the apartment with them, it was critical to keep Mom on an even keel, trying to humor her, but refusing to run away with her to Milan at the same time. Throughout the scene Janet held her head, blinked her eyes, indicating that she was having excruciating headaches.

When Jake finally did arrive, with Brot Monroe (J.R. Martinez) at his side, he was able to wrest the gun away from Janet and subdue her. He calmed his mother-in-law down by assuring her that despite her problems, they were family. When the police arrived to take her to the station, Jake instructed them to, "Be gentle, she's family." As she was leaving the scene, Janet turned to Jake and whispered, "Heal me, heal me." Most likely we are about to discover that Janet is suffering from a brain tumor (hence the headaches), and Jake will be the one to operate on her and perhaps exorcise the crazies. (And haven't we seen this plot before with Jonathan Lavery). Regardless of a redundant plot, having Kate Collins back on All My Children for a while would be a treat.