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Sparklefly Review

Sparklefly via Ginae

The Sparklefly Candles company is all about love, expressing love and presenting it to others. How do we know this? Because we've sampled their product, we've read their online information, we've dealt with one of the company representative's and we've read between the lines.

Sparklefly Candles sent over the following items for review;

  • Lemon Poppyseed Bag of Sparkle Stones
  • Cotton Soft Votive Tumbler Candle
  • Ginger Lime Votive Tumbler Candle

Lemon Poppyseed Bag of Sparkle Stones ($7.95)
The advantage of using sparkle stones, rather than candles is that there is no fire involved, the aroma exists as long as the stones are still fresh and they look pretty. The lemon poppyseed are especially pretty. The look like glitter-soaked crystals. They smell great too!

The candles are about 2.5 ounces tall and have about 20 burning hours when properly used. They are well packaged in attractive, recycled and recyclable materials. You feel loved when you open up such a package that was intended for you. This makes sense when you read the following from the, "About (Us)" Page;

I transform that love, creativity and beauty into every product I make to spark those same feelings in you.

The candles are contained within simple glass containers and have a chain surrounding the candle at the bottom. They're like candle bracelets.

Cotton Soft Votive Tumbler Candle ($10.95)
This candle is a beautiful, baby blue color. It smells like fresh laundry on a
beautiful day.

Ginger Lime Votive Tumbler Candle ($10.95)
This candle is a beautiful, green color and while we normally do not care for green,
this is a pretty green. It smells of a lovely lime.

We like Sparklefly Candles. We like the concept, company values, the product and the service. We like the whole thing.

Thank you Sparklefly!

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