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Spark up some Cajun magic in your kitchen with Louisiana Sisters

Boosting small businesses is at all time high as more and more people are feeling the economic pressures which is leading them to turning their talents and skills into a business. What makes small businesses so great is that they almost always feature a rich history and a diversity behind them. Sponsored by Spark Business from Capital One, the “I Am Small Business Proud” campaign shines a spotlight on the backbone of this country’s economy and features in one of their videos the Louisiana Sisters.

Louisiana Sisters

Louisiana Sisters began with Sharon Mahne and her sister Karen and how they took their dad's olive recipe and turned into a booming business that not only features their now famous Spiced Olives but also their Bloody Mary mix, Pepper Jelly and Spiced Olive Martini Juice. Rolling out its first jars on February 28, 2009, the crew behind their success is family. Working together behind the scenes included their mom and dad, all 10 siblings, their grown children, sister-in-laws, several aunts and of course friends. By using all the flavors you would find in a Louisiana kitchen like garlic, celery, onion, and Louisiana cane sugar, Louisiana Sisters has managed to capture their family's heritage and the flavors of New Orleans all in one.

With seafood being a summer favorite, grill up some shrimps with a kick of Louisiana Pepper Jelly. Real simple to make, all you need is shrimp, creole seasoning and Louisiana Sisters Pepper Jelly (click here for recipe). Complete the meal with a Louisiana Sisters Martini. For more great spicy New Orleans/Louisiana recipes visit their site at

Louisiana Sisters isn't the only small business out there that's ready to entice you and bring you into their world. As part of the “I Am Small Business Proud” campaign sponsored by Spark Business from Capital One award-winning independent director and producer, Trisha Dalton teamed-up with editor and cinematographer, John Sears and together they traveled cross-country to explore America's small businesses. Over the course of 10 weeks they traveled more than 7,000 miles to over 35 cities, gathering exclusive content and insights into the lives of small business owners all over the country.

To learn more about Trisha Dalton's & John Sears' discoveries across the country visit Capital One's YouTube site at To learn more about the small businesses they visited including the Louisiana Sisters follow hashtag #SmallBizProud. And don't forget to visit the Louisiana Sisters to get more great recipes that you can delight your friends and family with at your next get together!

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