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‘Sparemeister’ wins bowling quote of the week

Bob Adams is averaging 186.
Bob Adams is averaging 186.
Photo courtesy of Doug Mahoe

Bob Adams is the winner of this week’s bowling “quote of the week.”

For those who know him, Adams is unquestionably “the sparemeister.”

His pinpoint accuracy has allowed him to consistently knock down spares and raise his average to 186 in Monday night’s “River Maniacs” league at Canoga Park Bowl – all at the age of 73 (74 on Valentine’s Day).

Adams, a Canoga Park resident, has made a name for himself with his accuracy on his second shot and all the while doing it with the use of only one eye.

His left eye was lost about three years ago because of glaucoma.

On Monday night, the right-handed Adams was performing his usual routine – racking up spares and tossing in a few strikes.

After blasting a 202 in his first game, Adams faced the daunting 5-7 split in the fifth frame of his second game.

No problem for Bob Adams.

Adams clipped the five pin on the right side and slid it across the lane where it tripped the seven pin for another spare.

Deadpanned Adams: “I closed the good eye.”

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