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Spanx shapewear considered unhealthy garments

Spanx and other compression garments can squeeze internal organs.
Spanx and other compression garments can squeeze internal organs.

Undergarments are essential to every woman's wardrobe. They slim the figure and help clothing appear more flattering as bumps and bulges are minimized. But a news on the street from physicians is that Spanx may be unhealthy and squeeze organs too tightly.

It is well-known that tight garments can affect a man's sperm count, but what exactly do these garments do to women? The Today show recently reported on an investigation to find out exactly how unhealthy these garments may be. The news site contacted a gastroenterologist, chiropractor, and a dermatologist for information about the long-term effects of compression garments. The results: compression garments squeeze internal organs including the stomach, intestines, and colon and can aggravate acid reflux, heartburn, and constipation. Compression garments can also cause uncomfortable and embarrassing gas and bloating because of the constant squeezing of the torso.

The news for the rest of the body isn't so good either. Wearing compression thigh shapers or leggings all day can lead to circulation being cut off or even blood clots. The Lycra-Spandex material in Spanx and other shapewear is very tight against the skin and doesn't allow air circulation, which causes moisture build-up and can lead to bacterial or yeast infections.

Experts advise reserving shape wear for special occasions or only a few days a week. If your Spanx requires monumental effort to put on or take off, it is time to go up a size. Read the full Today Health article here.