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Spanky and Zeus surrendered to high kill city shelter: Help the boys find a home

Spanky and Zeus were surrendered by their owner. Keeping the dogs together in one home would be the ideal solution.
Spanky and Zeus were surrendered by their owner. Keeping the dogs together in one home would be the ideal solution.
Urgent Death Row Dogs Part 2 New York City Animal Care and Control

Spanky and Zeus, two male pit bull mixes, were surrendered to New York City Animal Care and Control in Manhattan on Sunday because of "landlord problems." The two brothers are extremely bonded and look to each other for reassurance and comfort; neither dog understands what has happened or why their families have not returned for them.

Please help these two bonded brothers find a new home where they can be safe and loved.
Urgent Death Row Dogs Part 2 New York City Animal Care and Control

Spanky (A0990428) is the shy one; he is so scared he hugs the back of the kennel and tries to crawl away to become invisible. "How small can I make myself?," Spanky would ask if he could speak. Fortunately, Zeus (A0990427) is more confident and helps Spanky to venture out and stay by his side.

A volunteer writes:

"Spanky makes himself as small as possible, happy to have Zeus by his side. From time to time he would use his paw to touch Zeus, as if reassuring himself that Zeus was still there. They walk well together, side by side, looking at each other to make sure the other is OK. Spanky allows some petting at this time, but is clearly not comfortable with the changes in his life."

Spanky is stated to be crate and house trained. Both dogs have been well-cared for and are estimated to be approximately one-and-a-half-years-old.

Zeus is gorgeous and friendly. His beautiful black and white coat shines in the sunlight. A volunteer writes the following about this boy:

"He jumped up on the bench to sit beside me. We chatted for a while, and I began to pet him. When I stopped, he would gently put his paw on my hand encouraging me to continue petting him. He eventually came onto my lap (the part of him that would fit that is), snorting with pleasure as I pet him... Zeus and Spanky lived with one adult, get along with kids and all people, like to play; know 'sit', 'lie down', 'give paw', are crate trained and house trained.

It's clear that when together they are a pair; Spanky taking cues from Zeus, Zeus always checking back to make sure Spanky is OK. Zeus makes wonderful eye contact, standing on his hind legs, front paws in my lap, giving me a little kiss from time to time. He is trying to grasp his change in circumstance and take care of his brother at the same time. These gorgeous boys are in need of a new home. Ask to meet them today."

A Facebook page is available by clicking here for helping Spanky and Zeus find homes.

Click here for more information on Zeus.

Click here for more information on Zeus and Spanky.

Please share their stories with your friends, family, and coworkers and help these two beautiful boys find a new home of their own.

Please read Urgent Dogs for more information about rescuing dogs, fostering, adoption procedures, and fundraising.

The following provides more information:

Stray holds are 72 hours for all animals that are 4-weeks of age and up who come in as strays.Any animal under 4 weeks old can be put down upon intake.Owner surrenders can be put down at any time, but in most cases get over 24-hours.

The only exception to this is if their behavior is too aggressive to safely house them in the shelter or if the animal is so severely injured or in such bad shape medically that it is inhumane to not euthanize them.

NYC ACC Website:

List of APPROVED Rescues thru the Mayors Alliance who CAN pull:

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