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Spank! Harder, the outrageous new comedy, hits Bethlehem, PA March 27, 28 and 29

Michelle Miracle as E.B. Janet in Spank! Harder
Paul Schnaittacher

Spank! Harder is the riotously risqué follow-up to last year’s hit, Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody. This gut-crampingly funny comedy stars the blunt, wet-yourself-laughing hilarity of Michelle Miracle as author E.B. Janet. EBJ is a best-selling novelist with a wickedly sinful panache for penning her heroine into captivating scenarios of toe-curling steaminess! This tantalizing submersion into EJB’s ferociously indulgent fantasies will be brought to vibrant life by the delectable cast of scrumptious characters on March 27, 28, and 29 at Musikfest Café in Bethlehem, PA.

Examiner caught up with Michelle Miracle in between show dates to ask her a few questions about Spank! Harder and her character, E.B. Janet.

Examiner: Who comprises the audience for these shows, is it primarily women?

Michelle: Yes, there are a lot of women who love the Shades of Grey books and who loved the first Spank!, but the show is fun for couples, too! I don’t see a lot of single men coming in, but I would recommend it because by the end of the night, a lot of these women are pretty worked up! (laughing)

Examiner: What is the difference between last year’s Spank! and this year’s Spank! Harder?

Michelle: Spank! was definitely more of a parody of 50 Shades of Grey. Spank! Harder is also a parody, but it takes a departure from the storyline and is more of an extension of the parody. That being said, you don’t have to have read any of the books or have seen the first show to get it because you’ll be caught up in the first five minutes. It’s really accessible for everyone because it has a lot of musical numbers, a lot of dancing and singing, and a lot of pop culture references. It’s just fun! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving anybody behind!

Examiner: Can you talk a little bit about your character?

Michelle: I play the author. Her name is E.B. Janet and she writes these books as an escape. She’s a happily married mother of two. Her first book was a huge success, but now she’s out of money and everybody wants a sequel, so she decides to write a sequel and pick up where the other book left off.

Examiner: How about the other characters, the ones your character has created for her book?

Michelle: Well, there’s Tasha Woode, who has been dating this dominant, Hugh Hanson. Tasha is happy with the dominant relationship, but she’s a little bored because she wants something deeper, so my character creates a new man for her, Carter Carnegie. And, that’s where the story for her begins. In this new show, there is a love triangle and it becomes, who will she go with? The safe choice, who is kind of vanilla and a great guy, or the dominant who is exciting and . . . um . . . naughty. It creates an interesting dilemma for her and the audience: which one is the better choice?

Examiner: So, all four characters — the author and the three characters she created — come to life on stage during the show?

Michelle: Yes. And, I’m the one who interacts with both the characters and the audience, so my character kind of breaks the fourth wall. It’s fun because the audience can relate to me, they are in on the story and in on the joke. There’s a little bit of a wink and a nudge to the audience like, “Hey, let’s try this!”

Examiner: It’s sounds fun and funny!

Michelle: It’s very funny. And there is definitely some heart to it, too. It’s a real choice, a real struggle, but, I will say this, no one is disappointed in the end!

Spank! Harder stars Michelle Miracle as E.B. Janet, Ben Palacios as Hugh Hanson, Shelly Regner as Tasha Woode, and Chris Gustin as Carter Carnegie. The show runs March 27 through March 29 (8 p.m.) at Bethlehem’s Musikfest Café at SteelStacks. Tickets are $39-$49 and on sale now at and 610-332-3378. For more information, visit:

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