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Spanish-speaking mothers in So. Bronx learn English in LP classrooms

BBC News Magazine: Hispanic mothers learning English to be better parents.
BBC News Magazine: Hispanic mothers learning English to be better parents.
2014 Literacy Partners

A Literacy Partners’ (LP) class for parents of young children who live in the South Bronx was recently the focus of a BBC News magazine feature “Hispanic mothers learning English to be better parents.” The video clip captures the use technology in the LP classroom.

LP Executive Director Anthony Tassi stated, “The clip shows how we use video in the classroom. As part of students’ research into evidence-based strategies, we film them interfacing with their children. We then watch the video together and parents get an opportunity to reflect on their interactions with their children and their language development.”

He stated further, “We emphasize the English that parents need to encourage their children’s cognitive development through supportive parenting. A special thanks to our partner WHEDco, and out lead supporter the New York Women’s Foundation.”

LP, the nonprofit organization located in midtown Manhattan, has provided high-quality community-based literacy education programs for over 40 years. These programs help immigrant and American-born adults learn English and improve their proficiency with the language.

Low-literacy or illiteracy is a serious issue. According to LP, over 2 million New York City residents are functionally illiterate. That is 25 percent of the total population in the city. The inability to read affects every aspect of life, including medicine and prescription drugs, banking, education and homework, news and current events, and transportation (street and road signs). This is why the work LP does through its qualified teachers, trained volunteer tutors, and partner organizations is so important.

For additional information about Literacy Partners’ mission, work, and partners, visit the website at

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