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Spanish photographer seeks New York asexuals for web documentary

AVEN members march at Worldpide 2012
AVEN members march at Worldpide 2012
Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons LIcense

Laia Abril, a photographer from Barcelona, seeks asexuals for an upcoming web documentary. The photographer made her request on the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network forums on January 3. The AVEN Media Team approved the request.

Abril hopes to do video profiles of each participant. When she completes the project, she will place them on Asexuals who are interested in her latest project, New York Calling, can find out more information by clicking here. The photographer hopes to feature the videos in various international media outlets. Abril did not state which outlets would pick up her project.

The Media Team and the project teams often act as a filter for media and research requests. They serve as an intermediary between forum users, researchers and members of the media. Team members are volunteers. When one member of the project team steps down another member is chosen to take the place of the person leaving.