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Spanish lessons every Wednesday!

Many nations list Spanish as their official language
Many nations list Spanish as their official language
Map of Central and South America, with Spain insert

Twenty-one nations in the world have Spanish as their official language. Over 350 million people speak Spanish each day. Here in Texas, you have had plenty of exposure to this not-so-foreign language. 

Have you made quesadillas for your kids for lunch? Have you been to bilingual reading time at your library? Do you see billboards off I-35 in Spanish? Do you have ingredients and explanations on all your food's packaging in English and Spanish? Do you meet at the local Mexican restaurant on girl's night out? Do your out-of-state relatives ask what guacamole is? It's really important to be comfortable with more than one language, and Spanish is a natural choice here in Texas.

Many homeschoolers use the Classical method outlined in Susan Wise Bauer's book, the Well-Trained Mind and they may choose to study Latin. Some students study the language of their cultural or ethnic group, such as afternoon Hebrew or Mandarin or Russian schools. But a first choice for most of us will be to teach our children Spanish.

Whatever language you choose, it is more and more important to learn at least one other language. Their are many benefits, such as

  • discipline
  • employment opportunities
  • for use during travel
  • empathy for others
  • increase native vocabulary
  • helps with understanding grammar

The Faulk Central Library is hosting free group lessons every Wednesday night at 6 pm. With other adults, you can improve your proficiency by discussion and reading. Then, when you are teaching your homeschoolers, you can be that much more ahead of the game! 

To read more about how to incorporate language studies into your homeschool on a more regular basis, read more from Teresa Dear at Higher Education.


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