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Spanish Harlem rapper Bodega Bamz makes acting debut in series 'Triangulo'

Transitioning from any musical genre into acting isn’t exactly an easy task, well, considering one must naturally hone the craft behind becoming a believable yet credible thespian. It isn’t necessarily something any individual – for that matter – can master in a 24 hour span. In the words of the flamboyant Floyd Mayweather Jr, “it takes hard work and dedication.” Auditions are hard to come by for aging Hollywood vets, so much so, that some of these one-time respectable money-makers have no choice to stoop to lower levels by taking a crack at nightly sitcom gigs, to the dismay of the former, who have continued to voice their gripe at musicians that are snagging all the roles today. There’s enough room for everyone to shine, but don’t tell that to Samuel Jackson. He might cuss you out in that obnoxiously loud-mouthed yelling voice you ‘love-hate’ to hear. It’s a bittersweet situation, but I digress.

Steering right back into the swing of things, here, we have a clip of up-and-coming Spanish Harlem rapper Bodega Bamz making his acting debut in the Latin gangster series, “Triangulo.” It’s a slight upgrade from his experience within the comedic realm, but as with any starter, a couple of seconds is usually what you get – it’s just how you steal the scene – if that’s possible. The man who fittingly dubs himself ‘Tan Boy’ arrives at the 10: 37 mark, so in case you’re too caught up to sit through a 23 minute video, do yourself a favor and kindly hit skip.

Yes, the role is a small (and we really mean small), but if you’re in the mood for more of Bamz’s work, here’s his latest appearance on BET’s Backroom Freestyle segment where he rocked the microphone yesterday evening during 106 & Park. To follow Bodega Bamz on Instagram and Twitter, feel free to head here and here.

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