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Spanish Designer Sparks Interest in Space and Time

Juan Pedro Lopez' new designs
Juan Pedro Lopez' new designs
Barcelona, Spain, Juan Pedro Lopez

Long sheer cobalt blue dresses with a thin chartreuse belt mark Juan Pedro Lopez' fashion designs for his Spanish Fall-Winter 2013/14 collection. "The show was held at Dhub Museum in Barcelone last January," states Lopez' contacts in Spain.

His works are a reaction to the Constructivist Manifesto, Russia 1920. "The sculptures of Gabo and Pevsner are the core inspiration of Part XIV," claims Lopez' artist statement, "based in volume and transparency." On his new glorious jackets and dresses: some beige, with cherry red belts and gloves; some with earthy green chunky necklaces and taupe counterparts, wrap around what he relates to as "space and time."

Lopez graduated from University in 2000 and in 080 was asked to enter Barcelona Fashion Week. He is innately talented at wrapping the female form in elegant, form-fitting, visually stunning modern pieces with a classic twist.