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Spanglish version of healthcare website too hard to navigate by many Latinos

Efforts to enroll Spanish speakers have fallen short in several states.
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Spanish speakers throughout the country are complaining that that federal healthcare website, is too hard to comprehend. In fact, “the translations are so poor, and full of grammatical errors that we end up having to translate it for them,” noted Adrian Madriz, a health care navigator helping with enrollment in the Miami area, who added that a lot of the instructions are written in “Spanglish.”

Launched in December to help increase enrollment among the Hispanic communities, the site is only adding to frustrations felt by much of the population as a whole, and has actually served to “undermine credibility of federal officials and reinforce the belief held by some that authorities are indifferent to the plight of Latinos,” stated Gabriel Sanchez, a political professor at the University of New Mexico. “They look at this and think, ‘Man, they really don’t care about us.’”

In the meantime, Richard Olague, a spokesman for the Health & Human Services Department told the Associated Press that his agency is working hard to resolve the problems and “improve the experience for consumers that use the website.”

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