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Spain team plane: Aircraft struck by lightning from FIFA World Cup, no injuries

Spain plane struck by lightning, no injuries
Spain plane struck by lightning, no injuries
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Spain’s national soccer team had their plane struck by lightning on their way back from the FIFA World Cup tournament this week. Fortunately, there were no injuries to the players or damage done to the plane, though it was one electrifying experience, to say the least. News Max reports this Wednesday, June 25, 2014, that the Iberia flight was preparing to land in Madrid when it was suddenly hit by a stray bolt from the sky.

Only moments before it landed at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport this Tuesday, the Spain team plane was hit by lightning. According to aviation experts, it is estimated that commercial planes and international jets are commonly struck by lightning anywhere from once to twice per year. A spokesperson for the Iberia Airlines confirmed that the aircraft itself did not sustain any damage, nor were any of the 20 soccer players injured by the shocking scare.

According to USA Today, the incident was what could be considered the final blow in a series of unfortunate events for the Spain team. After a decidedly poor showing in last week’s global soccer tournament, it seemed a shot below the belt to have to deal with a close-call lightning strike, too. The defending champions can still boast about their former victories, however, as the talented sports team won the cup title back in 2010. This year, they surprisingly lost to Chile and Holland, though they did manage to beat the Australian team this Monday on the field.

Vicente del Bosque, the current coach of Spain’s national team, said that he was unhappy with the overall FIFA World Cup results this 2014. However, he believes that their last victory against Australia was a significant boost for morale and a strong showing to prove that the team remains a definite threat.

"We are not pleased with our overall performance at the World Cup. But it was important to finish with a win. Against Australia we handed a respectable performance, except in the opening 15 minutes of the game. But the efforts shown by my players against Australia is to be praised."

“A number of the team's top stars, including Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, and Pepe Reina, are believed to retire before the next international tournament hits headlines,” adds the press release.

Following the lightning bolt hitting their plane, the jet landed without further incident. The players were spotted by local media sources as departing the airport in Madrid without stopping to comment. They were said to quietly return to their vehicular rides without pausing to visit the dozens of fans that had been waiting to see them.

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