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Space, UFOs and Aliens Part 1

A man-made UFO or IFO (Identified Flying Object)
A man-made UFO or IFO (Identified Flying Object)
Mitch Waite

Have you ever wondered about Space, UFOs, and Aliens? I have, very much so. I spent fourteen years out of my twenty year career in the military anticipating and developing contingency plans for space. Everything from the tracking and telemetry of things that go into space and everything that comes out of space. It was my job. It took millions of dollars to train me to be a Space officer for the Space Command Center. Here is an unclassified job description of what I was to do:


Responsible to USCINCSPACE through J3 for support of the National Command Authority (NCA) and all unified and specified CINCs worldwide for real-time, Integrated Tactical Warning (ITW), space operations, and an emergency alternative capability for NORAD from a fully combat ready, 24-hour Space Command Center (SPACC). A selectively manned unit.

Yes, it was a very selectively manned unit. There were only five Space Officers for that unit in which we covered all space activity reported to a General Staff crew member known as the Senior Director who in turn kept the US Commander In Chiefs of any developing or threats to the US, Canada, and the World.

My unclassified Job Description was as follows:

The Deputy Space Director is directly responsible to the Space Director and USCINCSPACE for the support of the National Command Authority and all combined and unified CINCS worldwide for real-time, day to day, Integrated Tactical Warning (ITW) space operations. Maintains USCINCSPACE defense posture. Assists space director by providing briefings, real-time status of all space/missile warning systems, DEFCON/ALERT attainment posture and capability to assume NORAD Back-up mission.

Later, my job description was updated to include, " deny the enemy the use and exploitation of space."

In other words, nothing went out into space, or came in from space without me knowing about it. I had to assess the threat to the US, Canada, and world within sixty seconds from detection and pass pertinent info to the Senior Director, who would in turn make a declaration of level of threat. I had to monitor all space treaties. Yes, I said ALL.

So one might think this job could be very boring, but I will admit that it is sometimes hours and hours of boredom, all for a few moments of sheer terror. However, you can rest assured, procedures and contingency plans are practiced to the point where reactions come almost automatically. You don’t think about the event until it is over.

So if you have ever wondered about if anyone is watching space for threats, the answer is, YES.

To Be Continued...

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