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Space Ship Planet Earth Speaks Out

Space Ship Planet Earth Speaks Out…
Space Ship Planet Earth Speaks Out…
Buckminster Fuller Foundation

Space Ship Planet Earth Speaks Out…
It has been a while since I have done any interviews so I decided the most interesting interview I could have is with Spaceship Planet Earth. At his point I am sure a few of you are thinking, Robert has really lost it. His plan is to interview Spaceship Planet Earth (R. Buckminster Fuller’s term of endearing reality, our planet spinning and whirling through space). No I have not lost it just listen, observe and you too can hear and see the planet is crying out to us.

My first question to you SPE (Spaceship Planet Earth) is how are you feeling? I am completely stressed out. You have no idea how much poking and prodding is taking place into my surface. The best way for me to give you a clear image is to ask you to imagine you a looking at a ball of clay 200’ in Diameter. On the ball there is the same land surface that I have.

Taking natural resources

Rural areas have become a smaller percentage of my (the earths) surface. Every conceivable piece of equipment is digging into me pulling out my natural resources. New surfaces (asphalt and cement) developed by humans are being laid hundreds and thousands of miles used as paths for cars. Now the paths are mainly ok, but the cars and trucks exhale noxious gases hurting my ability to deliver oxygen. They are causing a greenhouse effect changing our environment. I will say I have noticed there is a reduction in the amount of these gases in the areas called the United States and Europe.

Areas on my surface causing problems.

Of course at the same time the areas you call South East Asia and India has a large increase in poisonous gases which are being released into the atmosphere. Can you please work on fixing this problem? You have all these conferences and media attention letting people know about the effects, but few are listening to the eventual and present changes that are taking place.

Personally, I do understand the need for creating comfort for all the inhabitants with a short term view in mind. If humans use their wisdom and continue creating new inventions that help reduce all the gases being released from automobiles and factories, I can get a chance to heal. As you may have noticed, I often have a headache and the surface of earth has been losing some of my beautiful glaciers which keep me cool and my weather patterns constant.

Temperature increases

I apologize that recently my temperature is increasing year over year making it more uncomfortable for all my inhabitants. I hear a lot of talk about renewable energy sources and I would like to mention that these sources of energy are much better for me. As you use more sources that are renewable you allow me to heal and cool down. I believe you the population, have to make a stand and get the governments of the world to invest in saving both me and you. Now I understand it takes time but I believe you can eventually become energy independent through renewable energy.

Some of the benefits to me would be I don’t have so many huge pipes burrowing into my depths fracking me to remove my gases. Ok, you can do it for a while, until you have enough renewable sources to manufacture energy for your continual use and growth. Also, even though you continue to find more oil it would be nice if you left me some so I could enjoy it as well. I am not sure how long it is going to take you to figure out how to store energy economically but please do it as fast as possible. With all the renewable energy like solar, wind, wave and hydro you really can have all the energy you can consume for free after the cost of manufacturing and maintenance.

Be considerate

What I would ask of you is to be considerate when these sources of energy get old and need to be replaced, recycle them. I noticed that a good percentage of the inhabitants are recycling. Think of recycling as a way to lower my temperature as well. By the way I know water is becoming scarcer in certain areas. If you use your smarts you can curve this physical attribute, I will let you figure that out on your own because I have been telling you but you are not listening. Basically, what I am saying is be conscious.

Do on to me as you want me to do on to you. I am happy to give you all the natural resources you need but increase the amount renewables you are using for energy. Use what you really need and don’t just take because it is the easiest way to get the energy sources (oil and gas) to keep life on my surface pleasant, because if you take too much then life will not be pleasant. Continue looking for better ways to manufacturer and producing energy. Learn how to store the energy effectively. Keep producing more renewable energy sources. Most importantly I am happy to give you all the resources you need to build renewables.

If you have any questions please contact me at or or 916-284-8841.

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