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Space saving tips - wall beds are key in creating new multi-use rooms


Wall bed photos: Courtesy of Closet Factory DFW

Many people are doing more with less in today’s economy – even in their interior spaces.  With the increase of multi-use rooms or simply smaller homes, one rising star in the space saving arena is the Murphy (or Wall) Bed.

The wall bed was first introduced in the early 1900’s and is still quite popular today because of its efficiency.  These beds can accommodate a single up to a king size mattress and are very easy to use.   They come in a wide array of designs and styles that match almost anyone’s existing decor, and they can be built into wall cabinetry units that include drawers, cabinets and shelves for more storage. 

The photo below shows a unique style that incorporates a modern bed into a television viewing space.

Modern television viewing room with unique wall bed option
The versatility of these units also allows you to quickly transform an office, den or a guest bedroom.  Just think of the possibilities for children’s rooms as well - allowing for a larger play area and comfortably providing two rooms in one.

Closet Factory has recently launched an extensive line of wall beds.  Located in Carrolton, the company can provide you with a variety of options to save space in your home.  As an added bonus, most wall bed units can be made of real hardwood, MDF or laminate, depending on your price range.   Below is a photo of a recent installation that provides a range of storage and shelving.

Explore the wall bed concept for your home.  The possibilities are vast – and so is the space you’ll save!


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