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Space saving gear from Fisher Price

Space Saving Swing
Space Saving Swing
Babies R Us

As a mom with limited space in my house, space saving baby gear is a must.  That is why I like to recommend space saving products.  Fisher Price has a great line of baby gear that focuses on maximizing space in your home.  These items are also great for those of us who travel

Another great feature is that these items are half the price of their larger equivalents.

1. Writer's Choice -Fisher Price Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper.

I really love this item and use it everyday.  It works just as well as a bassinet, if not better due to the incline.  It is much less expensive and bulky.  Your baby can sleep and hang out in this great space saving hammock. It easily folds up for storage or travel.  However, you can only use this up until the baby is about 20 pounds.

2. Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Space Saver Swing & Seat

Again, I recommend this swing, which I currently use.  It works well, the music is pleasant, and it also saves space.  The cons - it is battery operated and needs an additional headrest to support your baby's head from falling to one side. 

(I have not needed to replace the batteries in 4 weeks).

3. Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

I have not needed to use this yet, however I love the idea.  I can use this with my regular kitchen chairs and easily store it or take it with me.

4. Fisher-Price Space Saver Bounce Spin Froggy Entertainer

This item has enough toys to entertain your baby, but because it saves space, it may have less activities than other entertainers. 


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