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Space is the final frontier, but if you go be prepared for drastic changes

As we live our lives here on Mother Earth, we pretty much know what to expect. We know that we have plenty of sustainable oxygen to breath, gravity that keeps us from floating into space, food that we can produce without major complications and without artificial atmospheres. We also have shelters to protect us from the elements. But, most of these are not readily available in space.

Constellation Cygnus seen with the Hubble Space Telescope
NASA - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Do we take our existence here on Terra Firma for granted? Do we ever think about needing special apparatuses to breath, or worry that if we are not careful we will float out into space? What about breakfast, lunch and dinner; we may not have what we want for each meal, but as a whole, we know that food is available and that sometimes we might have to search for it in a supermarket; what an inconvenience! However, if we colonize space, we will have to look much further than our local grocery store to find sustainable food.

Living in space is much different than living on Earth. We must deal with zero gravity, which can affect our muscle mass, our circulatory system and our bone structure, not to mention many other variables in our existence. All these must be considered and provided for in space. There is no easy solution to the changes, and preparation is essential in our survival in there.

In the video in this article, you will see what all is affected by space and how we must deal with it, but remember we have dealt with adversities since the birth of Adam and Eve and we will continue to do so as long as God is willing.

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