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Space Coast Stadium ready for Washington Nationals 2014 Spring Training

The Washington Nationals will return to Brevard for Spring Training in 2014.
The Washington Nationals will return to Brevard for Spring Training in 2014.
Photo: Space Coast Daily

The Washington Nationals will return to Space Coast Stadium for Spring Training for what is possibly their final year in Brevard. The short season begins with an opening game in Brevard on Sat., March 1 and concludes with their final home game on March 31, 2014.

Brevard negotiates with Nationals

On August 23, 2013, after Kissimmee turned down a proposal to build a new baseball facility for the Washington Nationals, Brevard County Commissioners, along with county Manager Howard Tipton announced plans proposing that the county, along with the help of matching state funds, refinance Space Coast Stadium to help pay for $29 million in upgrades to the facility to pacify the Nationals. The distance needed to travel to other spring training facilities is the main reason why the Nationals say they want to relocate. The Nationals have told Brevard County that they are planning to leave the area possibly before their current lease agreement runs out in 2017. Several avenues have been explored to prevent that but, to date, no firm decision has been reached.

Spring Training 2014

While the Nationals will be on the field for practice earlier, their first game at home will be March 1. Management and staff have been in Brevard unpacking equipment and setting things up, and pitchers and catchers arrive Friday, Feb 13. Tickets are selling well as many locals feel this will be a last chance to see the Nationals, and perhaps any Spring Training program, at Space Coast Stadium. A complete game schedule can be found on their website.