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Space Battleship Yamato


For those who grew up in the 80's and watched anime, one might remember the show Starblazers.Created in the late 70's, Space Battleship Yamato or Starblazers, was the cartoon that featured the WWII Japanese battleship Yamato refitted to become a spaceship. The feature film has finally been made.

A trailer for the Japanese film Space Battleship Yamato made its way onto Youtube and can be seen here. It includes the song "Love Lives" by Steven Tyler, from his soon to be released solo album. Supposedly, the song was written especially for the film.

The film is directed by Takashi Yamazaki who previously directed the impressive time travel adventure The Returner.

The sad thing is that this film may never make its way to the United States and will probably only play during festivals and special midnight screenings. Hopefully, somebody will take a chance and distribute this film in the States.