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Space bags vacuum seal stoage bags: As Seen on TV reviews


                                                         photo by Diane Thomas

The Original Space Bag vacuum seal storage bags claim to triple your storage space by allowing you to suck all the air out of the plastic bags with a vacuum, thus condensing their contents. The bags come in several sizes from small to extra large allowing you to store everything from clothes to bedding.

  • Purchased: Linen's and Things
  • Price:            $19.99 / 5 bag combo
  • Date:             2007


Original Space Bags vacuum seal storage bags are an excellent idea, and they really do condense each bags' stored contents into a tight little package. The issue is, will the seal last? There is a fill line on each bag that you must be concientious not to exceed so that the seal has a better chance of keeping.  Even at that, bags kept in seasonal storage have sometimes puffed back up by the time they are retrieved. The bags themselves are also delicate and one must be careful not to cause a puncture. If you are, let's say, moving your college student to a dorm and the car is stuffed with all sorts of scratchy paraphenalia, you must consider how to safely pack your Space bags in. Storing your clothes in Space bags inside a suitcase is a more protected choice, but if you're going on vacation you will need to know that a vacuum will be available to you at the other end when you must pack to come home. There is also an issue when leaving Space bags too close to a heat source, like a radiator, because the plastic can melt.


Original Space Bags work, but you have to be careful with them. You should be prepared to replace them from time to time if you want to keep using them. There's not so much of a problem in the home, but you have to have access to a vacuum while traveling to make them useful. I would also pack extras because if a bag fails while you're away you don't want to have to shop for a replacement or purchase a larger siutcase to get home. There are other companies making vacuum sealed storage bags and you may want to experiment with a few brands to find the sturdiest one.

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