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‘Space:1999’ fan film ‘The Passenger’ echoes the best of the ‘70’s classic serie

Space:1999 fans at last have something fresh and new to watch with fan film The Passenger due out Mon Jul 21. The brainchild of David Connellan, The Passenger is his effort to make an episode of the brilliant Gerry Anderson’s original series that takes place 23 minutes after the time the moon breaks out of the Earth’s orbit. It introduces and ties together a few of the 1st year concepts of Space:1999. The weaving together of bits of storyline from several season one episodes definitely enhances the credibility of the storyline. According to Connellan, this project was a labor of love that was made with a very limited budget. The passion and dedication that went in to the writing, directing, and acting is apparent. The script is well written, and although the film is only about 30 minutes, the viewer grows attached to the lead characters quickly. The models were well built, the uniforms were very nearly perfect, and considering the small budget available to the filmmakers, the special effects were pretty darn good.

‘Space:1999’ fan film ‘The Passenger’ echoes the best of the ‘70’s classic series
David Connellan

After about a year and a half of hard work in his spare time, this talented Halifax, Nova Scotia writer/director has succeeded in his goals of capturing the look, tone, and feel of a season one. It is presented in the slower paced, meaningful, and thought provoking style of Gerry Anderson's brilliant original season.

A fan of Sci-Fi, Connellan never missed an episode of Space:1999 back when it aired on the CBC. And was inspired by his love for both to create The Passenger. Space:1999 has been gone far too long and just seeing the ITC logo in the beginning evokes feelings of joy. The use of Barry Gray’s original music really tugs at viewer’s heart strings. This is his second film. His first is a feature length Vampire movie called The Other Side is in post-production and is due to be released soon. The Passenger will have its world premiere at Alpha Con 2014, The Chrysalis, in Peterbourogh England. Follow this project on Twitter and Facebook.

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