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Spa sleepover: how to create a rejuvenating night for weary women

American Idol's Jordin Sparks and Always raised $25,000 to keep girls in school on Being
American Idol's Jordin Sparks and Always raised $25,000 to keep girls in school on Being
Courtesy Being

Jordin Sparks recently participated in America's Biggest Sleepover, which helped raise $25,000 to keep girls in schools. Sleepovers are a great excuse for a spa day. Prep well with these six tips, and then try these easy ideas for a fun night.

  • Self-serve room service: The posse has spent the afternoon at the spa, checked in, and now food is on the brain. A better way to bond, and save a buck, is to ask each girlie-girl to bring one thing to eat and one thing to drink.

Ditch the potluck sign-up list… it creates undue stress. They’ll be so enamored in conversation, the buffet composition will be far from mind.

In-room dining is far more sleepover-ish fun because it gets everyone out of the distraction of the restaurant scene, and it sets the stage for a sleepover, rather than a girls-night-out. It’s also a great way to offset the spa indulgences!

  • Bring fun napkins (the decorative ones with the cute sayings you’ve eyeballed) and ask room service to deliver plates and silverware for everyone. This should be little to free, so tip 18- 25% on a dinner for four.

Fill in the food blanks with a big salad, a cheese, grape and cracker platter, desert, coffee, and crowd-pleasing drinks.

  • Lul in the conversation? Patch up awkward silence by asking everyone to break out their photo albums. This will surely get stories and questions firing.

Check out Being for more fun ideas from America's Biggest Sleepover.

Some sleepy sleepy, others not-so nite nite?

Let's say some friends want to hit the hey at 11p, but others are night owls. Turn the lights off and flip the TV on so the night owls can burn their midnight oil and the sleepy heads can turn over and get some shut eye. If all else fails, send the chatty all-nighters to the lobby where they can sit for as long as they please. Whew! Beauty sleep disaster: Thwarted.

For more information, check out these six tips on planning a successful sleepover for women.

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