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Spa shower with a lemon detangler

A few lemons that can add some soothing relaxing invigorating uses while showering. For a easy spa use that can help and give some much needed vitamins and help to detangle your hair. When your hair has a lot of tangles and needs some extra emergency care.

Take three lemons freshly squeezed and add them to a warm shower. Add a extra shower cap after applying the lemons to your hair. The shower cap and the fresh lemons will help with the the steam from the shower to strengthen your hair.

After ten minutes remove shower cap and use a special detangler comb that you can purchase at any beauty store. The detangler comb will help with the strengthening of your hair also with extra use.

This emergency care will help when there isn't enough time for all the extra combing and time when you have dry brittle hair that starts to tangle and bunch up. The pulp that you can save from the lemons can be used for a strong mist after shower.

The mist can be added to your favorite trial size shaker bottle. Just shake add mist to your face for a fresh look after showering. A small pat of the lemon pulp on your hands and add to face with light pats.

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