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Spa Profile: Spa Avania's My Suite Valentine Special

Spa Avania is one of the Top 100 spas in the U.S. and and also considered one of the best spas in the world. It's easy to see why. The Arizona-based luxury spot boasts plenty of opportunities to enjoy R&R. For Valentine's Day, couples looking for romantic rejuvenation, can take advantage of their unique "My Suite Valentine" package complete with a private suite and patio.

Spa Avania is #29 in the Top 100 Spas in the US according to Conde Nast
Spa Avania is #29 in the Top 100 Spas in the US according to Conde Nast
Lyn Delmastro/Body in Balance
Spa Avania is #29 on the Top 100 Spas in the US list by Conde Nast

My Suite Valentine is your special Valentine's Day package for couples who want to romance and relaxation to celebrate Valentine's Day. With plenty of other spas offering similar deals for Valentine's Day, what sets My Suite Valentine apart?

This package was designed with “togetherness” in mind. It is beyond just enjoying a treatment together, it is a whole experience. From the time you check in and select your personalized amenity, to walking side by side to your private suite, to enjoying a private patio equipped with loungers, hot tub and rain shower, it is an all-inclusive experience.

Spa Avania is known as "male-friendly" which could be an incentive for couples to choose My Suite Valentine as a spa of choice. What are the aspects of the spa that appeal to men as much as women?

Featuring separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, we cater to our male guests by offering men’s specific amenities in our vanity areas, a television above the lockers so they can catch the score, longer and large robes are available for our males guests as well as heartier meal options to complement our spa cuisine.

Apart from the interior design, are there specific treatments at Spa Avania that especially appeal to men?

While most of our services are not gender specific, we have customized massages geared to athletic lifestyles and address specific sport related concerns that are especially popular among men.

Speaking of being male-friendly, Spa Avania has a signature product line and it includes the "Man Space Age Performer" and "Man Space Hydra Performer". How were these products formulated to address the anti-aging concerns that men have?

The Man Space Age Performer is an age recovery serum that helps contrast signs of aging with its exfoliate action and anti-free radical agents. The Man Space Extra Protective Cream is a hydration treatment with anti-oxidants and sun protection to counteract environmental stress and prevent skin redness.

Tell me more about Spa Abvania's Signature products and which ones will be available as a take-home gift for those who take advantage of the My Suite Valentine package?

Spa Avania signature products include shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion all infused with our signature Tranquility scent

Why are teas incorporated into Spa Avania's treatment philosophy? Apart from being caffeine free, are there particular benefits to including the teas?

Spa Avania has elevated your spa experience by complimenting it with Herbal and Tisanes. Naturally caffeine free and fruit infused, these teas are range from exotic to classic and are specifically brewed to correspond to the time of day. With unparalleled anti-oxidant health benefits, these teas are beautifully blended for the eye and the palate.

How does "The Grape Escape" enhance the overall experience of being at Spa Avania?

The Grape Escape enhances our concept of unwinding in the evening while it is also a great opportunity for our guests to tour our facility and explore our spa treatment menu while relaxing by the mineral pool or fireplace and enjoying their favorite glass of wine.

Photo Credit: Lyn Delmastro of Body in Balance

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