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Spa beauty treatments that have vitamins for your skin

When you wash with warm water and add your spa cleanser. There are some types of spa treatments that can give your skin some vitamins to have your skin more healthy. Some quick spa research that shows is that Vitamin E gives the added skin vitamins.

Then adding a Vitamin C facial with granules once a week to remove any dead skin that can block your pores and irritate your skin. Using a small mild organic butter rinse after will help your skin become more radiant and glowing especially during the day.

Some weather conditions could have your skin more dry and it takes time for it to soften with your spa products. Using a calcium rich and Vitamin D spa add-on will help and it usually takes only a few days for your skin to get back to it normal soften look.

Some new spa trends is the added pins with trendy decorations. The small pins can add some added beauty from your hair style to reflect your skin and outer beauty. Use the small decorative pins and pin your hair a little bit from your face and create a spa trend look.

Watch the video on the new spa therapy.

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