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Spa and Wellness In Bali

Spa and Wellness In Bali
Spa and Wellness In Bali

The word spa is connected with water treatment and the belief of spa being a new fashioned trend isn’t correct. The invigorating power of mineral and salts used in the spa therapy dates back to prehistoric times. The Egyptians and the Greeks particularly were the ones who started the use of spa therapy and it is from them that spa started getting popular. Soaking in the hot water tub has many health benefits. With changing times the spa therapy has also gone through changes. Unlike the olden times when spa merely meant soaking in hot mineral rich water now the spa therapy is incomplete without the use of aromatic oils. The use of essential oils,floral baths and the use of herbs makes all the difference.

The Different Kinds of Spa:
There are many different kind of spa therapies and knowing the kind of spa your body needs is very important. Bali is one place where I have had quite an experience. The different spas available are listed in an online guide called Bali Wellness Guide. Just in case you stay in Bali or are planning a trip there.Balanese massage is world famous,it goes beyond feeling good.The Vie Spa located in Bali and is only 15 minutes drive from he airport is known for it’s professional service and the different spa packages it offers.The Prana pa in Bali is the largest spa in the island.The interior of the spa has a strong indian and eastern touch,the inside of the spa simply makes you feel like an emperor or empress.The relaxed athmosphere in the spa and the professional service given there makes it unique.Wellness Spa as the name suggests focuses on your wellness which is beyond skin deep.At Wellness Spa the conventional indonaisan beauty treatments are followed along with the use of modern techniques and machinery.The use of aromatic oils,herbs and floral baths leaves a tantalizing feeling which will linger for long. Likewise there are many spas in Bali like Bali Green Spa,The Antique Spa, Aroma Spa Retreat, Sri Augung Spa, Baliwis Spa and many more.You’ll get all the necessary information in Bali Wellness Guide.

Why You Need Spa?
With the increasing levels of stress in nearly everybody’s life the usefulness of spa has now been attained by people. The body massage done in the therapy releases the tightened muscles and relaxes the body. Stress makes people to overeat which in turn increasing the weight and gradually causes joint pains. The spa massage increases the blood circulation which helps in getting rid of the body pain. Besides relieving one from stress and body aches, spa also helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing as the exfoliation done during the therapy helps the skin to peel its dead cells thus promoting new cells. This makes the skin look fresh and radiant all the time.

As we all know wellness is not mere absence of disease, it’s about feeling good inside out. The relaxed and reinvigorating experience one gets after the spa therapy cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Going by my personal experience I would suggest you to hit a spa if you want to de-stress or simply have some fun. Spa therapy has also helped me in the body aches I used to suffer from before. Wellness and Spa are actually very well connected as spa helps in leaps towards the wellness of one’s mind, body and soul. Indulge yourself in the unforgettable experience of a spa therapy. Regular visits to Spa makes the mind calm which overall promotes good health. Hope you enjoyed reading!