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Southwest wrong airport: Investigation launched into wrong landing site by plane

Southwest wrong airport: Investigation launched into wrong landing site by plane
Southwest wrong airport: Investigation launched into wrong landing site by plane
Wikimedia Commons, Photo Share

A Southwest Airlines plane landed at the wrong airport this week, prompting a full investigation to be launched by federal officials on the strange but fortunately non-harmful incident. Flight 4013 was initially scheduled to land in southwest Missouri at Branson Airport this Sunday, but instead touched down a full seven miles away at the smaller Taney County Airport. MSN News shares what details have been made available on this plane mishap this Monday, Jan. 13, 2014.

The Southwest wrong airport landing error began when Southwest Airlines Flight 2014 — which held a total of five crew members and 124 passengers — landed at an incorrect departure site, roughly seven miles from its destination at Branson Airport. Taney County Airport also holds far less runway, which could have potentially led to a dangerous landing for the Boeing 737, added the report.

Leaving from Chicago’s Midway International Airport this Sunday to Branson, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines confirmed that all aboard the plane are fine, and that an investigation is underway to discover the reasoning behind the abrupt landing. While the Southwest wrong airport trouble was cited to be “uneventful,” a couple of passengers noted that it was a very bumpy landing.

"The landing was uneventful, and all customers and crew are safe," noted the spokesperson.

The source did not have any additional information regarding why the plane went to the wrong airport. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Tony Molinaro says the agency is again looking into the incident.

“It's the second time in less than two months that a large jet has landed at the wrong airport. Back in November of 2013, some may remember a Boeing 747 plane that was supposed to deliver parts to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kan., landed 9 miles north at Col. James Jabara Airport. That plane was flown by a two-person crew and had no passengers … The website for M. Graham Clark Airport says its longest runway is 3,738 feet. Branson Airport's website says its runway is 7,140 feet long.”

"The landing was really abrupt and the pilot applied the brakes really strongly," Dallas attorney Scott Schieffer, who was a passenger on the flight, told to a local news source. "You could hear it and you could certainly feel it."

According to a national flight tracking website, the Southwest Airlines plane touched ground at roughly 6:11 p.m. on Sunday evening. It was partly cloudy at in the upper 50s in terms of weather in Branson, Missouri, upon the flight’s unexpected landing.

"Our ground crew from the Branson airport arrived at the airport to take care of our customers and their baggage," concluded the spokesperson. “All is well.”

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