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Southwest living and the heat

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In El Paso, TX the temperatures are high with some days the forecast bringing attention to the temperature with an "Weather Alert" in the desert.

Keeping cool if all possible is recommended for all of the community.

Other options that can be given for the care of the bright, sunny and heated days are wearing shades, sunglasses to protect the eyes from the bright sunlight during the day.

In addition to being well dressed if outdoors for an extended period of time, offering the body further protection by wearing long sleeve and long outer garment to protect from the sunrays.

A hat or some form of protection for the head.

The sunscreen usage is important, too especially sunblock with high SPF. Some favorites offered by customers with their personal reviews are "Aveeno", "Coppertone", "Neutrogena" and more to name a few that offer the protection stated in proper usage by customer with following direction given on product.

Staying well hydrated with fluids preferably, water says experts throughout the day.

Remembering the animals in these temperatures and their paws on the hot tar that they cannot handle if walking them out for the day and remembering the car temperatures that climb higher for them in their body heat. Keeping them cool and hydrated, too.

Stay cool.

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