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Southwest airlines - special 7 day sale for as low as $49 each way


Southwest is announcing a special airfare sale for as low as $49 for many cities throughout the country.  And unlike their usual fare sales, this sale is for an entire week.  These are some of the lowest Southwest prices in some time and you can travel from April 12 through June 10.

After last week's Southwest airlines - 3 days of breathtaking bargains, Southwest is following that up with an even bigger sale.  In looking at all the $49 one way fares, there is no shortage of them no matter where you live.  Minneapolis to Chicago, Nashville to St Louis, Phoenix to LA, Sacramento to San Diego, Chicago to Pittsburgh, and Baltimore to New York are just a few of the many $49 fares.  And for a little more, you can get many other great deals for less than $100.

$49 fares for Sacramento include Burbank, LA, Ontario, Portland, and San Diego.  San Francisco deals include LA and San Diego.  Oakland includes $49 fares for Burbank, LA, Ontario, Orange County, Tahoe, and San Diego.

Black out dates are May 27 - June 1.  Travel is valid for all days except Friday through Sunday.  Purchase your tickets by April 1 and the earlier you get in on these deals, the better the deals will be.  For more information, check out Southwest's 7 days of deals.

And don't forget - this is the last weekend for the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco!

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