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Southlands Farmer's Market a great place to find fresh produce and delicious baked goods!

Spend your Saturday's at Southland's Farmers Market!
Spend your Saturday's at Southland's Farmers Market!

Summer is finally here, and it is the perfect time to hit up the farmer's markets for some fantastic produce for all those picnics and barbeque's! A very popular hot-spot for a farmer's market is Southlands Mall in Aurora! The Farmer's Market is placed perfectly around the splash garden of the mall, so the kids can run and play in the water while you shop for your goodies!

Shop local vendors for organic and pesticide-free produce, fresh dairy products, delicious baked goods, homemade salsa, tamales and tortillas as well as gourmet pasta, natural soaps, handmade goods and much more!!

The Farmer's Market is held every Saturday from 8AM-1PM in the Town Square at Southlands. No registration is required, but be sure to get there early for great parking and before inventories run out! There is absolutely no entrance fee, and the prices of the goods varies!

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