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Southern Utah teen punk charged with shooting kitten in head with blow darts

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A friendly neighborhood kitten, who would approach everyone for gentle head scratches and a bowl of milk, was found dead with two long metal spikes in her head in a St. George front yard on Friday morning reports

Authorities stated the cat was killed with a blowgun. Several other spikes were found in the yard. According to, Sam Despain of the St. George Police Department stated neighbors were interviewed early Friday evening leading authorities to a 16-year-old male teen. Police found "probable cause" and referred the suspect to juvenile court where he faces animal cruelty charges.

Lee Webb is the homeowner who found the kitten. He stated:

"It's disgusting. Seeing a domesticated animal killed for no reason whatsoever is ridiculous. I think there should be jail time for that and not just a slap on the hand. It's just not right."

Psychologists and human behavior experts for years continue to draw a correlation between youngsters and serial killers torturing small animals and serious adult crimes.

"(Pets) don't know any better," said Webb. "They expect us to be nice to them. They don't expect you to kill them. Especially kittens, they'll come right up to you and rub your leg and they'll be wanting water or milk and then you stick a dart in their head? Come on."

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