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Southern tier fly fishing: End of June events, fly fishing report

This nice Delaware River brown fell to a deeply fished march brown nymph.
This nice Delaware River brown fell to a deeply fished march brown nymph.
Bob Bruns

The results of last week's heavy rains are still keeping most warmwater rivers out of touch to wading anglers. And while the past week featured some beautiful weather, a series of thunderstorms muddied area creeks for a few days and bumped up the big rivers once again. As of this morning, the Tioughnioga is just getting back down to fishable levels, although clarity may still be an issue, but the bigger rivers still have a good week or two of dry weather before they will be fishable.

Fly fishing has been good for trout, largemouth bass, and panfish. The West Branch of the Delaware River has been fishing very well with nice flows. The main hatches right now are sulphurs, caddis, grey fox, light cahills, and isonychia. There have been some very prolific caddis hatches occurring - both tan and charcoal - and the charcoal caddis can be on the big side (#16). These can occur pretty early on sunny mornings. The isonychias are around and they seem to be hatching more frequently now that summer is upon us. This is a very big nymph and mayfly and the trout love them. Ponds continue to fish very well. As of this week the male sunfish are still aggressively guarding nests and can be easily taken with nymphs, dry flies, poppers, or terrestrials. These are great fish for beginner fly fishermen and some of them are real 'pie plates'! The largemouth are also on the spawn and are aggressively taking streamers and poppers. Smallmouth bass, unfortunately are hard to get to in the rivers right now due to high water. Better options are feeder creeks, the Finger Lakes, or even the Salmon River. The Douglaston Salmon Run continues to report that smallie fishing is great.

Fly fishing events for the remainder of June include the following:

  • Every Wednesday @ 6 pm in June: Fly Fishing 101 at A&G Outfitters in Dickson City, PA (north of Scranton). This free intro to fly fishing will be held at the fly shop and is a great way to get introduced into fly fishing. Contact the shop for more information.
  • June 21 (Saturday) 8:30 am to 4 pm: Spey Nation - Pineville, NY. Spey Nation offers the unique opportunity for enthusiasts and manufacturers of 2 handed rods to gather in a streamside setting. The Location is the Pineville Boat Launch on the Salmon River in Pineville, NY.
  • June 22 (Sunday) Douglaston Salmon Run at Salmon River. DSR free fishing for anyone presenting a Spey Nation attendance voucher.
  • June 26 (Thursday): BC Flyfishers 'on the river' chapter meeting. The chapter will meet at the Gentlemen’s Club near Deposit with Joe Goodspeed to hear him speak and demonstrate nymphing on the river. Group fishing will follow the event. See the BC Flyfishers calendar for more information.

Today is the official start of summer and the weather for the week ahead will be right in step. Daytime highs will be in the low to mid 80's and there's a chance of isolated or scattered thunderstorms almost every day this week. Remember to get off the water if thunder is heard or lightning is seen and be sure to pack rain gear if heading out this week.

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