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Southern tier fly fishing: August fly fishing, events

A&G Outfitters will be hosting Todd Dellucia on 8/23 for a presentation on fly fishing for musky.
A&G Outfitters will be hosting Todd Dellucia on 8/23 for a presentation on fly fishing for musky.
A&G Outfitters, Todd Dellucia

It's only mid-August but lately it has been feeling more like early October. Night-time lows have recently dropped below 50 degrees with highs in the 60's on some days. One fly & guide shop commented that it was most unusual to be donning fleece on an August morning and evening!

Fishing reports are good and will only get better as we transition into fall. Here's a summary by water / species:

  • The Douglaston Salmon Run has reported seeing a few salmon as of the traditional salmon season opener (8/15). Flows at Pineville were kicked up to 700 so a push of water has no doubt brought some fish up, however, so far there are no reports of fish being taken. There are, however, smallmouth and stocked browns throughout the run and they have been biting. Dry flies and nymphs will work as will olive and white wooly buggers.
  • The Catskill rivers remain in good shape. Hatches are mainly sulphurs, steno's, and olives. The Delaware River Club reports that the cool weather has been putting a lid on evening spinner falls. And while nymphing and dry fly fishing will continue to work well, now is the time to gear up for streamer fishing. In the fall the male browns will starting taking big streamers aggressively. We still have a while to go before the fish get in spawning mode, but streamer fishing in the very early morning can be good.
  • Smallmouth bass fishing on the warmwater rivers is heating up. Flows and clarity are very good on all waters with the exception of the lower Susquehanna, but even that big water is decent now and will get better, provided the rain doesn't bump it up again. The recent spate of cool weather and rain has lowered water temps. On Saturday, I read a cool 63 degrees on the Susuquehanna in Windsor. This is not necessarily bad for smallmouth, but sudden changes will always throw the fish off a bit until they re-acclimate. The white fly hatch will start to fade over the next two weeks. And as summer transitions to fall, cooler water temps will kick feeding into high gear. Topwater can work well this time of year but so can nymphing and fishing big streamers.

As for August events, there's not a lot to report. Following is a summary:

A&G Outfitters will be hosting Todd Dellucia, the maestro of everything toothy, who will be giving a musky seminar on Saturday, August 23rd. The event starts at 9 am at the shop and includes:

  • Slideshow and tying presentations by Todd
  • Raffles, prizes and giveaways
  • Special pricing on all inventory
  • $5 all-you-can-eat food and refreshments
  • Raffle for a day on the water with Todd

The BC Flyfishers and Twin Tiers / Five Rivers chapters of IFFF will not be holding any meetings or events in August. The same goes for the Al Hazzard TU chapter. Events and activities for these local clubs will pick back up in September.

The weather for the week ahead will be a little more summery than last week. Look for highs in the mid to upper 70's all week with lows ranging from the mid-40's to the mid-60's. The early part of the week will be cooler with a fair chance of rain in the form of thunderstorms and rain showers later in the week.

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