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'Southern Charm' stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel reportedly welcome baby

Thomas Ravenel of 'Southern Charm' reportedly just had a baby girl with Kathryn Dennis
Photo by Aaron Davidson

There is big news out on Tuesday for fans of the Bravo show “Southern Charm.” According to TMZ, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have just had a baby girl together. This will most certainly come as a big shock to many, since an earlier episode of the debut season showed the two going through a pregnancy scare and seemingly getting a negative pregnancy test result.

Dennis has played quiet throughout the season on social media, saying that fans would have to stay tuned to see what happened. There had been reports that she was indeed pregnant, but then that seem to play out with the negative pregnancy test result on the show. However, there had also been signs that the two had continued dating. News that they managed to keep a pregnancy and delivery completely under wraps, however, will surely be a shocker for most “Southern Charm” fans.

TMZ Says that after filming of season 1 ended, Thomas and Kathryn started living together in Palm Beach, Fla. After the show ended and during their time in Florida, Kathryn apparently did get pregnant and it seems she had a baby girl two weeks ago. While there have been plenty of tweets including Kathryn and Thomas together on Twitter, it doesn't appear that either have acknowledged the pregnancy or birth of their first child together up until this point.

Obviously none of the pregnancy will play out on-screen for “Southern Charm” fans since it came about after filming for season 1 ended. Will Kathryn and Thomas tweet anything about the baby news now that TMZ has gotten the information? Of course fans would love to have more details, but it seems for now they will need to stay tuned. New episodes of “Southern Charm” air Monday nights on Bravo. So far there is no news regarding a possible season 2 of the show, but fans remain hopeful.

Update: Kathryn and Thomas have now confirmed that they welcomed baby Kensington in March. Congratulations to the happy family!

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