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'Southern Charm' star, Jenna King talks new series, Charleston, & more

Bravo’s “Southern Charm” premieres tonight, March 3 at 10pm et/pt.
Bravo’s “Southern Charm” premieres tonight, March 3 at 10pm et/pt.
NBC Universal had the chance to catch up with this modern day “Southern Belle” to get the scoop on what is so charming about good ol’ Charleston. King opens up about her love and affection for the South and what viewers can expect this season. Bravo’s “Southern Charm” premieres tonight, March 3 at 10pm et/pt.

Examiner: How are you?

Jenna King: “I'm great, a little sun burnt at the moment.”

Examiner: Using three adjectives, how would you describe yourself?

Jenna King: “I’d like to think of myself as care free, energetic, and kind hearted.”

Examiner: What do you think captivates people about the South?

Jenna King: “I think it’s the manners and carefree lifestyle that people have in the South that really captures the rest of the country.”

Examiner: What made you return to Charleston, especially after traveling and living all over the world?

Jenna King: “Even though I have been fortunate enough to travel to so many amazing places, the old saying, “there is no place like home,” really resonates with me. I wanted to spend more time with the two most important things in my life - family and friends.”

Examiner: You’re not the typical “Southern Belle” has that created problems for you with more traditional southern women?

Jenna King: “I make no apologies for who I am, and while I may not dress like a typical Southern, but there's a traditional southern woman hidden in me.”

Examiner: You have a unique sense of style, do you think that it is appreciated in a place such as Charleston?

Jenna King: “My style is very expressive of who I am and where I am in my life; it’s refreshing and adds spice. I think that the people of Charleston can appreciate that even if they wouldn’t wear what I wear.”

Examiner: You and Whitney are close friends, do you think that there could ever be more than just friendship between you guys?

Jenna King: “Whitney’s humor is amazing but we will always be just friends "bro code" (laughs).”

Examiner: What do you think people will enjoy the most about this series?

Jenna King: “People will enjoy how beautiful, “charming,” and rich in history Charleston is.”

Examiner: Besides Whitney, who did you bond with while filming?

Jenna King: “I really bonded with Shep. We both like to laugh and do not take things so seriously. Life is too short for that.”

Examiner: What do you think will shock viewers the most when they tune in?

Jenna King: “How open and honest everyone on the cast is in living their lives. Viewers will see the good, bad and the ugly (laughs.)”

Examiner: You get a lot of attention, like at the Polo Match, do you find southern men to be more respectful when flirting?

Jenna King: “Not sure I get a lot of attention, but I think flirting definitely varies by person, but southern gentlemen certainly have their own unique style.”

Examiner: When and if you get bored with Charleston, where do you think you’ll end up next?

Jenna King: “Who knows? I'd love to live in Dubai. Everything seems to be dripping in gold there.”

Examiner: Lastly, what can viewers expect from you this season?

Jenna King: “I think this season is a lot of fun. We all have a great time together and while we may not always get along, we definitely respect each other. What I am most excited about, however, is for the viewers to see how amazing Charleston – because it’s something I’ve known for a long time.”