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'Southern Charm' spoilers: Season 1 finale brings fights, parties, independence

Whitney gets his own place on 'Southern Charm'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The big season 1 finale of “Southern Charm” airs Monday night on Bravo. What can fans expect to see happen? On Monday E! Online shared a “Southern Charm” spoiler preview and things look dire for Kathryn and Thomas. However, fans who have been following the stars know that they shouldn't get too worried yet.

The preview shows Thomas Ravenel seemingly setting the stage for a split from Kathryn Dennis. He shares that sometimes it just isn't enough to have chemistry or love. Dennis, however, isn't about to walk away without fighting for her relationship. Things are certainly rocky between these two, and it seems the season 1 “Southern Charm” finale may leave fans hanging about the fate of this couple.

Despite that, those who have been following “Southern Charm” news know that Kathryn and Thomas are still together. In fact, they just welcomed a baby girl named Kensington in February. The two are living together in Florida and seem to be doing well.

Thomas and Kathryn have shared that after filming for the show ended they decided to stick with their romance and they moved together to Florida. Though they went through a pregnancy scare on the show, they later decided that they actually did want a baby together. That is what led to little baby Kensington Calhoun.

The season 1 “Southern Charm” finale is titled “One of the Lost Boys Leaves Neverland.” TV Guide shares that this episode takes place on Independence Day. Whitney is showing off his new apartment while Shep is corralling the ladies to attend Whitney's big party. The synopsis teases that Thomas begins a new chapter, but it seems that will paint only part of the picture.

Tune in to the season 1 finale of “Southern Charm” airing Monday, April 21 on Bravo. So far there is no official word from the network regarding a season 2, so for now fans will have to stay tuned. Though the show has received plenty of criticism, fans have fully embraced it and are certainly hoping there is more yet to come.

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