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'Southern Charm' news: Reunion show makes fans wonder about season 2

Kathryn C Dennnis
Kathryn C Dennnis
Kathryn C Dennis on Twitter

Tonight on Bravo viewers got to see the "Southern Charm" reunion show. Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn C Dennis just had a baby together. It was a pretty interesting episode on this Monday night. For some reason the show started out without Kathryn out there, but her baby daddy Thomas was on the show.

This episode had everyone out there talking about what was going on in their lives now. Cameron Eubanks admitted to fans that she is now a married woman. She has been with her now husband for three years, but he is just someone who is not interested at all in being on reality TV. Cameron honestly think that Shep will end up married to Dani at some point, but for now it isn't happening.

The special reunion show has fans wanting to know if this show will be back for season two. So far there is no news either way at all. The fans of the show are really hoping for another season. If it does come back, things just won't be the same though since Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have a baby and are living together. It would be really interesting to see if they could make it work. Thomas did reveal that he took a paternity test and it is his baby.

This show has made waves with viewers and it is full of drama. Tonight for the reunion show they all sat down with Andy Cohen on his "Watch What Happens Live" set. It is only a one week reunion where sometimes these shows have reunions that air for several weeks. Next week you do get to see a "Secrets Revealed" special.

Shep Rose shared on Twitter that the reunion was tonight and that you did not want to miss it. He didn't have anything to share though about season two of the show. "Southern Charm" might end up coming back if fans get their way.