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‘Southern Charm’: Is Danni interested in Shep Rose or Thomas Ravenel?

‘Southern Charm’: Is Danni interested in Shep Rose or Thomas Ravenel?
‘Southern Charm’: Is Danni interested in Shep Rose or Thomas Ravenel? used with permission

Southern Charm” is the newest Bravo reality show that follows the lives, and loves, of six single Charlestonians. Shep Rose, the self-proclaimed “testosterone factory” may have charmed Kathryn but he cannot seem to charm his way back into ex-girlfriend Danni’s life.

Thomas Ravenel also seems to be smitten with Danni, but is but is she interested in him? On the Monday, March 17 episode of “Southern Charm” Danni discusses her two dates with Ravenel. She enjoyed the polo date, but the barbeque made her quite uncomfortable.

Danni asks Shep Rose for his input regarding her “situation” with Thomas Ravenel. Apparently, Danni just not that into Thomas after attending a barbecue with him. Danni expected the barbecue to be just a “bunch of people” but it ended up being a “couple’s thing.” At the end of the evening when Ravenel walked her to the car there was an awkward kiss between the two.

Danni tells Shep that she thinks Thomas is a great guy and that she respects him but she does not want a relationship with him partly due to his past. Shep tells Danni to let Thomas down easy, let him know that she respects him and they can be friends.

Thomas Ravenel, 51, is the former State Treasurer of South Carolina. He comes from one of the most prominent families in Charleston. But, Ravenel went to federal prison for intent to distribute cocaine. Thomas is very into Danni and thinks she would make a wonderful wife and mother.

Watch “Southern Charm” on Monday, March 17 at 10 p.m. to find out what will happen between Danni and Thomas as well as what may, or may not happen between Shep and Danni.

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