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Southern border invasion warnings ignored by White House

No less crucial than Pearl Harbor
No less crucial than Pearl Harbor
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The recent border incursion of thousands of Central American “children” was no aberration, miscommunication or any other excuse whatsoever. No, "Certain members” of the Obama administration began ignoring the warning signs more than two years ago according to Monday's Washington Post.

The "ringing alarm bells" of a mass grouping of children at the southern border, unaccompanied in most cases by adults, was viewed as a potential for major political fallout in an election year.

Much like the Benghazi coverup and its causes in September, 2012, grave indications of a mass invasion of this country from Latin America was kept from the American people to ensure Barack Obama's second term.

One former senior federal law enforcement officials said, "There were warning signs, operational folks raising red flags to high levels in terms of this being a potential issue," her or she told The Washington Port. Lawmakers in Washington are growing more concerned by the day about shady policy created solely to re-elect the president, much like Richard Nixon in the Fall campaign of 1972.

In the eyes of a paranoid Obama White House, less Haldeman and Erlichman, concern was based on President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign and the congressional push for a broad immigration overhaul. The consensus of the decision-makers was to ignore the border and the impending problems.

Migrant rights specialist Michelle Brané of the Women's Refugee Commission told The Post, "I don't think they ignored this on purpose, but they didn't know what to do. For whatever reason, there was hesi­ta­tion to address the root causes. I think the administration was dealing with it at a minimal scale, putting a Band-Aid on something they should have been thinking about holistically," Brane said.

The main concern was political fallout and a Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, ready to pounce from such news. All eyes at the White House were focused on comprehensive immigration reform and nothing would get in the way of their message.

The Post quoted another unnamed source who said the Obama administration was steadfastly on broad immigration reform and zero immediate fix of the existing problem. That meant no National Guard or better fencing.

White House officials were obviously informed that large flows of Central Americans were coming. Using the deaf, dumb and blind excuse is hardly the answer when you are America's eyes and ears.

Meanwhile, trained border agents are relegated to perform tasks like washing immigrant children's clothes, driving them to off site showers, and making them sandwiches. Obama refuses to release the National Guard in this emergency, which would also send a very strong message back to the counties these children came from; stay home or face immediate rejection at the border.

Even the blind eye could see the throngs massing at the border as early as last October. Border guards were instructed not to take pictures of the crisis and the news media was kept at arm's length. Now that the crisis is world news, the federal government is shipping the illegal children to empty warehouses, army bases and deserted malls all over the country with little or no advanced notice to the communities selected.

The president's “domestic adviser,” whatever that means, Cecilia Muñoz, claims the administration and key agencies are making adjustments. Over time they will be able to respond with urgency once federal officials truly note the catastrophe.

Much like the admirals on December 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, they too became aware of the problem as they viewed the American fleet being systemically destroyed. The present-day US Border Patrol estimates now say the number could reach 90,000 by the end of September, The Post noted.

The Army and Navy were warned for months, if not years, that the Japanese could and would attack the United States. Yet all the planes were grouped together on the airfields and the entire fleet, less the aircraft carriers, were moored neatly on Battleship Row.

History tells us that the high ranking military officials at Pearl Harbor that day were demoted, blamed and drummed out of the military, even though the White House knew for years the catastrophe was coming.

In an open letter to Obama, Texas Governor Rick Perry warned that "every child allowed to remain encourages hundreds more to attempt the journey." Is the White House busy making a list of officials to blame for this needless national crisis? It appears that is the only thing they are doing.

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