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Southern Baptist Convention: 2 days of historic decision making

Prayer Rally
Prayer Rally
Brandon Thibodeaux/Getty Images

Nashville based Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), has made history two days in a row. During their annual meeting held yesterday in New Orleans ( Louisiana), Reverend Fred Luter was elected to serve as the first African-American president of the predominately white denomination.

Today, in another historic move, the SBC voted to change their name from “Southern Baptist Convention” to "Great Commission Baptist.” Earlier this year, discussions surrounding adopting a new name for the SBC, stalled when the organization’s executive committee declined to move forward with a name change strategy.

It has taken well over a century, but the 167 year old organization appears to be going through a period of radical transformation. Following years of what has been described as an “accelerating” decline in membership, new leadership has almost instantaneously signaled a new direction for a religious organization once deeply rooted in slavery.

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